Welcome to the DREAMWEAVER, the website of Zsuzsanna Griga, karmic astrologer, where you can read about astrologycosmology, the relevance of myths, and how you can use all of these for personal growth and empowerment. On these pages I intend to teach what I have learned while practicing astrology.

    There are many forms and types of astrology. Traditional astrology is based on rigid rules, which seem to take away most of the free will that soul entities are born with. If we follow those interpretation rules we are left with very few choices; we are told to accept what is indicated in the natal chart, just like organized religions require, except here the patterns to follow are inherently ours. Nevertheless, we are told that we have only one life and we must make the best of it, which is just what the priests are telling us. If we are chaste, good, meek, weak, and always do what is expected of us we may end up in paradise. If not, we will burn eternally in hell. Most of the interpretation rules of traditional astrology were crafted during the antiquities and the Middle Ages, that is why the principles of it and those of organized religions coincide. 
Karmic astrology, however, has these premises:

• The spiritual essence of human beings (the soul) is eternal.
• The soul wants to evolve, which indicates an ever-changing process through space and time.
• Earth is a three-dimensional world, which is a great place to learn about the physical body and the senses. Our nerve endings register both pleasure and pain, which are part of human experience. Pain is a very important indicator that we are at the wrong place; if something is too painful to bear we can do two things: we either change our circumstances, or our attitude towards the situation. Pleasure is the ultimate goal that human beings wish to achieve, but they quite often settle for much less. Life on Earth is a learning process, which encompasses all sorts of experiences. 
• The key is to find balance through the polarities, to accept personal responsibility for the choices we make, and to strive for progress.
• There are other realities, other dimensions, where the soul’s task is different; we can learn how to master the senses only here on Earth.
• The soul in its spiritual essence is similar to light; it accepts all sorts of painful and difficult lessons if they are deemed important, just as much as it welcomes the pleasurable aspects of the human experience. It will not compromise the growth process. 
• The soul evaluates a certain incarnation in the in-between-life stage and makes decisions for the next one accordingly. 
• Human destiny is shaped through various incarnations, which all add to the quality of our spiritual essence. The more highly evolved a soul is the more acceptable this becomes to it.

Soul entities have free will

     Which means, you can actually shape your own reality, since it is in your own hands.

     Over the course of 20 years I have given readings to literally thousands of people, my database includes over 9000 natal charts. Most of them decided to visit a karmic astrologer because they have serious problems that they are unable to solve, and they expected me to make decisions for them. No matter whether young or old, rich or poor, lonely or tied up in a suffocating relationship, these souls all showed a certain amount of unhappiness, which stemmed from their inability to come to necessary conclusions. After two-three hours of in-depth reading, most of them ended up understanding that no one can make the choices but themselves.

Free will means the ability to make choices at all times, and human beings are born with this ability.

    Nothing can happen to us unless we want it to. Nothing is going to happen to us unless we set it off at one point in our lives. There are choices we make on the way, which do determine our next set of choices, but the emphasis is on choice. The natal chart simply describes the set of traits we have arrived with, the tasks we have chosen, those inner conflicts we carry. It indicates a certain destination that the incarnating soul wishes to arrive at; but it will not show the paths (s)he will take. That is the essence of free will.

  Actions have immediate reactions. If I take a brick and throw it at a window it will smash. Words often also have immediate reactions, which can be quite dramatic. Think of the power of prayers, or the devastating impact of curses. You can do both good and bad, and bad is often so much more spectacular because the effect depends on the amount of energy with which we utter the words. If we were able to say a blessing or a good wish with higher impact it would be more effective. The trouble is, we manage to do so when we are angry; thus bad wishes, curses, negative oaths are fulfilled more often that their positive counterparts. Anger is a great vehicle of carrying and directing energy, but you can learn how to focus positive thoughts as well, it is just a matter of concentration. Thoughts have even subtler energy, and as a result they manifest much slower and less profoundly. Nevertheless, you can learn to focus and manifest your thoughts, and once you have begun to do so they will become realities.

   Learn to be a dreamweaver. Weave your own reality and learn to shape your destiny in a unique way. These are the ultimate potentials of human life here on Earth


The word comes from Greek astro logos, the science of the stars, which is as old as humanity itself. Mankind used the patterns of the sky for orientation at night, at sea, and realized early on that since the universe unfolds in cycles we may as well use them as guiding forces in our lives. If we were to understand those cycles we would be able to peek behind the veil of the future and thus make the wisest choices ever. Either used as interpreting natal charts or for predicting the future, one important premise has to be remembered:

Change is the basic law of the Universe

Thus noting is predetermined, nothing can be taken for granted. We may assume certain potentials, but even the strongest ones may be altered. It is all up to us.


Reality is a tricky thing because it is what the five senses (vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching) are transmitting to us. Out of the five, most people rate vision as the number one aid to convey the surrounding reality. The human eye, however, can only detect waves that are resonating at 1015 MHZ (the seven rays of light we distinguish as seven colors of a rainbow), nothing underneath or below that range. Besides that, it depends greatly on the attention and sharpness of the observing person how much will actually be noticed of an event on a conscious level. The other four senses may both assist and deter this process.

The subconscious mind is like a psychic warehouse. Everything that happens to us gets registered through our senses and lands in the conscious mind, but most of it immediately sinks to the bottom of it and gets absorbed by the subconscious. This happens for two reasons. First of all, the surface memory is only able to keep 2 to 9 bits of information at any time, 5 in average, which means the next bits will kick out the previous ones. Besides that, whenever we do not like the experience because it is uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing, or humiliating we try to shut it out or disregard it, hoping it will disappear forever. Well, unfortunately it will not; nothing disappears. The subconscious, our hidden problem-solving tool, starts processing it and will try to manifest it whenever we need those experiences. This can happen most effectively while the conscious mind is shut down or spaced out – at night, in meditations – thus the relevant information resurfaces in dreams or in premonitions, ESP-type occurrences, synchronicities, which are all part of our reality.

Theories that explain the potential creation of the universe. Ancient cosmologies work with myths and use gods and mythic figures to do so, while “scientific” cosmologies try to give ultimate answers based on proven scientific laws. Nowadays most cosmologists try to arrive at a solution that provides unified explanations to the issues of life and the physical, biological, chemical processes involved; these are called GUT (Great Unifying Theories).

Tribal, racial, regional stories of ancestral events that are the manifestations of collective memory. Myths also try to provide answers to cosmological issues.

natal chart
The horoscope calculated for a given time and place. It is a two-dimensional version of a multi-dimensional reality, a moment in the space-time continuum indicating the picture of the skies surrounding the incarnating soul. It reveals the basic potentials of the incarnating soul.