The Soul is eternal. It’s no use talking about “old” or “new” souls, only about more experienced and less experienced ones. We incarnate in order to experience, learn, and evolve. Here on Earth we live in a three dimensional world, which has its limits and burdens, as well as its beauty. The Soul does not feel pain and does not have emotions; it is only the human body that is equipped with nerve endings, which transfer both pain and pleasure, therefore it is important to understand that we cannot escape unpleasant and difficult things, they are part of our experience. The soul plans the details of the next incarnation in the in-between-life, after losing the old body and facing the consequences of the previous one. We only answer to ourselves. Karma is not some mysterious give or take, it is simply the balance of our deeds. A physical deed, such as breaking a window or crashing a car, has immediate and visible consequences. So do thoughts and words, although they are often less immediate. Thoughts and words have the power to create, just like deeds do. During our lives, each word, thought or deed acts as a boomerang: they originate from us and turn back to us in due course. This is the law of karma.

The Natal Chart

The natal chart is the reflection of the incarnating soul, and represents both what it has learned from past lives and what it has planned in the in-between life stage. It also contains relevant information on previous incarnations, personal traits and capabilities, fears and phobias, and future potentials.
The past is represented by 
– the Ascendant (the physical body, the Mask that we are wearing, an energy we have already learned), 
– the Moon (the Soul, how it gets manifested in this life), 
– the South Node (deeply embedded karmic experiences, what we have already perfected and know best), 
– the IC (the hidden past and ancestral inheritance). 
The future can be gleaned from
– the Sun (the Mind, the reason we incarnate in order to learn), 
– the North Node (our karmic purpose), 
– the MC (our future goals, things we want to show the world, things we strive towards).

– The prenatal eclipses 
If you are interested in astrology and wish to learn the art of chart reading in a holistic way you can do so at two places, in Budapest and in London.

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