Readings and Therapies

I am offering the following readings and therapies, which can also be combined at your convenience:

Full Karmic Reading (an in-depth reading including every facet of this life, potential past live experiences based on prominent asteroids, centaurs and fixed stars, a mini synastry, and a mini one year forecast): £300

In-depth One Year Forecast (I am using all the available astrological and numerological tools to provide you an outlook of the year ahead): £300

Karmic Synastry (it gives you an in-depth analysis about your relationship, highlighting past life events and experiences): £300

Question and Answer Session (a one hour reading based on your birth chart; though not an in-depth reading, and far from uncovering the full karmic layer, nevertheless it is useful as a “quick fix” if you need one): £100

Tarot Session (a one hour question and answer session using tarot cards): £100

Karmic Healing Session using the technique of “Rolling up the Back” (a unique technique that dissolves karmic blocks and phobias): £120

Past life regression (using crystals and guided imagery): £150

Past Life regression combined with Bach Flower Remedy session (regression therapy can be useful in itself for healing old karmic issues, but when it is combined with Bach Flower Remedies it can cure any time of blocks and phobias):  £250

Payment types: bank transfer, cheque, cash, or Paypal